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SUBLIME: Una de las mejores bandas del mundo..

Sublime fué una banda Estadounidense originaria de Long Beach, California. La música de la banda combinaba dub, punk, funk, ska, reggae and hip hop. Sublime estaba formada por tres integrantes: Brad Nowell (voz y guitarrra), Bud Gaugh (batería), and Eric Wilson (bajo). La banda alcanzó su mayor éxito popular con su tercer álbum auto-titulado; Sin embargo, Nowell moriría de una sobredosis de heroína dos meses antes del que éste fuese lanzado, por lo que los miembros restantes se separarían. Actualmente La banda sigue considerandose bastante influencial. Mundialmente, Sublime ha vendido 17 millones de álbums.

Sublime began in 1988 in Long Beach, California as a Reggae/Rock/Punk band and grew to fame in the mid-'90s. They combined such genres as reggae, punk, and rap. The band released just two albums during the first seven years. Lead singer Brad Nowell died of heroin overdose on May 25, 1996 in a hotel room, just two months before the release of their self-titled third record, which became a hugely successful release based on the single 'What I Got'. This came seven days after his wedding to Troy, who'd given birth to their son, Jakob. The band collapsed, but the album was still slated for a July release, so the obviously inappropriate "Killin' It" title was dropped and it was released as a self-titled album. A number of posthumous releases followed, among them 1997's Second-Hand Smoke, 1998's Stand by Your Van, and Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends. A 3-CD/1-DVD box set of demos, rarities, and live recording, called Everything Under the Sun, was released on November 14, 2006. The music of Sublime is still being carried on by tribute bands such as "Wrong Way","Seasonal Brew" "Sublemon" and "Badfish".
Following Sublime's demise, its surviving members, Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, began a new band under the name "Long Beach Dub Allstars" (Disbanded in 2002). Long Beach Dub Allstars also included many frequent contributors to Sublime, including Michael "Miguel" Happoldt, Todd Foreman, and "Field" Marshall Goodman. Brad Nowell's beloved dalmation "Lou Dogg" can still be visited in a museum in Long Beach CA.

40 Oz. to Freedom

1. "Waiting for My Ruca" – 2:20
2. "Get Out!" – 3:32
3. "40 oz. to Freedom" – 3:02
4. "Smoke Two Joints – 2:53
5. "We're Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance"
6. "Don't Push" – 4:18
7. "54-46 That's My Number/Ball and Chain – 5:17
8. "Badfish" – 3:04
9. "Let's Go Get Stoned" – 3:32
10. "New Thrash" – 1:30
11. "Scarlet Begonias" – 3:31
12. "Live at E's" – 3:08
13. "D.J.s" – 3:18
14. "Chica Me Tipo" – 2:16
15. "Right Back" – 2:49
16. "What Happened" – 3:27
17. "New Song" – 3:14
18. "Ebin" – 3:32
19. "Date Rape" / "Rawhide"* – 3:37 (4:38)
20. "Hope" – 1:43
21. "KRS-One" – 2:23
22. "Rivers of Babylon" - 2:29
23. Thanx Dub** - 4:23 (6:23)

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es verdad, pienso lo mismo de Sublime. Si te gusta ese tipo de estilo date una vuelta por
Blog de la Banda uruguaya Mutante, hace un tiempo hicimos un tributo a sublime en algunos boliches de mdeo. pasa y firmá saludos. Edú.